The planet of mysteries.

Is the blue sky even blue?

You must have wondered as a child.

Whatever you start with a plan,

Goes to absolute chaos.

Is it fair that we don’t know,

The outcome of it all;

The mystery of it all.

Is it fair that we don’t see,

The future all ours;

Or the future not there.

Is it fair that we still hope and dream;

Of things in the holds of fate

Of things we might not have.

Is it fair Oh is it fair?

Blindness to the future isn’t kind

So Pope was wrong

Anticipation a curse and worry a loss

Whats kind about it? I don’t know.


I am at the point in life when a very important decision is to be made. A round table is set up and around it are seated fate, luck, my parents, myself, finance and distance.

You would think that an important decision concerning my future would be like a UN decision. Someone ( me , of course ) would have the veto power. Haha. Life is not always like that kids. There are deciding factors. Despite having the veto, the decision will be mine and not mine at the same time.

Time splits. You know how they say that every time a crossroad appears in your life , the universe splits and alternate realities are created. Its a theory so far as I know.

#mystery #life #dejavu #love #decision #crossroads #poems

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